January 26, 2017

How to do Pay Per Call Marketing Part 4

how to do pay per call marketing


SpyFu is a very powerful marketing tool that I use on a regular basis to determine what my competitors are doing on Adwords.


This tool has been around for about 10 years and their sole purpose in life is to monitor all text ads in just about every niche that run on Google.  I have extensively used this tool and have relied on it to make a lot of money online.

Use Marketing Tools!

I NEVER run traffic (PPV, PPC, CPM) without doing a ton of research and I always use specific tools to accomplish my tasks:

PPV/CPM Placements – Scrapebox and Google Maps Contact Extractor (I show you exactly how I find these placements in my course “How to Turn PPV Traffic into Facebook Gold

PPC – Spyfu Marketing Tool, Keyword Spy & Market Samurai

I want to take this moment in the blog post and say if you are serious about running traffic and making money online then you first have to accept 3 things:

  1.  You must educate yourself about how to run traffic.  If you want to learn Google then start here.  If you want to learn about PPV traffic then take my course or find another course.
  2.  You must treat this like a business – create a budget, set hours, get a website, etc.  In other words – create an asset not a hobby!
  3.  Stop wasting time buying shiny objects that NEVER work and if you do buy a marketing tool make sure you know how to use and implement it in your business right away.

This past year I took on a student to discover what difficulties  he was having online.  He has the right mindset but he was lacking a lot of the procedural steps and tactics to implement his agenda online.  The big sales funnel picture is simple:

Target Audience  —>  Landing Page —> Upsell/Downsell —> Retargeting —> Offer

Track Your Traffic

However, the actual mechanics of tracking your traffic (I use Funnelflux) along the sales funnel and adding options (javascripts – redirects) on the landing page (I use Thrivethemes) and using postbacks for conversion tracking & optimization etc was challenging for my student to digest.

It was truly an enjoyable journey for both of us as I explained the intricate details of the PPV sales funnel. Additionally, I showed him how to locate your exact PPV placements so as not to spend more that you were making.  He is still trying to figure everything out but he definitely views internet marketing with eyes wide open prior to starting to work with me.

I want to make an important point here before you start getting your hands dirty with all this internet marketing stuff – If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated because nothing you do seems to work then there is a very simple solution – Outsource your PPC campaigns!  There are plenty of companies out there just do a Google search.

You must know your limitations… You may be a great web developer or awesome writer but running traffic may not be your forte – keep this in mind as you plow through sleepless nights trying to figure out what your next angle has to be to obtain those elusive conversions.

In the following video I pull back the lid on how to use the Spyfu tools and show you the inside of my account as we examine a plumber’s website being promoted via Adwords:


In this next video I get more in depth with Spyfu showing you how I quickly extract which Text Ads are currently working.  One drawback with Spyfu is that they do not track Call only campaigns but this technique still works.  Please leave a comment and share this post if you get something out of it…:)

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