We provide you everything you need to make your company exist in the world wide web.

Cloudalien Media is a full service internet marketing and web development company. We specialize in internet marketing services for both local and large businesses and other organizations. We are dedicated to success and ensuring that marketing dollars are put to good positive use for the best profitability margins.


From small towns to international cities, our reach extends to a Global Market and a wide variety of targeted audiences. We ensure we are reaching a profitable potential market no matter which region of the globe they may reside.


Internet Security, corporate knowledge and personal identity is held at the highest level and is never compromised.


Our team stays connected to your campaigns around the clock to mitigate data loss or IP hacks resulting in unwanted clicks.


slider-image1Our system has been proven time and time again. Bringing advertisers large volumes of quality leads is our mission, one we constantly work to be better at. We’ve developed unique and effective ways to do this for the best possible ROI. Let us optimize your internet campaigns for success!



Pay Per Click (PPC), or Paid Search, is one way to land on “page 1″ of various search engines when a search is performed on a specific keyword. These ads will show up on the “Sponsored links” or “Sponsored ad” sections of the search engine, located on top or to the right of organic search results. You, the customer, are charged only when someone clicks on your sponsored link. This, in essence, makes pay-per-click a cost-effective means of marketing your business.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing has become one of the most powerful means with which to gain an online presence for your website. Social media is everywhere. From Blogs (web logs) to sites like Facebook and Twitter, practically every internet user accesses some sort of social media daily. And, it is growing rapidly. Social media essentially is online content, generated by people in a very visible manner. It’s no wonder then that social media has been referred to as user-generated free content.


One of the most effective means of marketing is Email marketing. Your customers check their inbox all day, every day. You’re sure to reach them when you work with Cloudalien Media. Build relationships, drive revenue, and deliver real results for your business.  We work with tools like Mailchimp and Constant Contact to assist you in creating killer email campaigns. Or, for long-term savings we can offer you a hosted email setup utilizing scripts.


Everyday more and more mobile subscribers are using Smartphones.  Mobile devices have become much more than a communications device. They are depended on for access to information online anywhere and everywhere. More and more people are using their devices to visit websites, purchase products, and use helpful apps.  Smartphones have overtaken PC’s as the most used web device and the average mobile campaign significantly outpaces online ads in awareness. Our Global targeting will match your product or service to the right audience.

If you need a custom plan simply contact with us and we will provide it.

Awesome advertising campaigns need awesome ads!  We custom design ads and landing pages for ourselves and our partners. We track your advertising campaigns to narrow down the best ads and landing pages for you, and then work on making them even better. Contact us for custom creatives that work!