January 22, 2017
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Pay Per Call Marketing Tools – Scrapebox

Pay per call marketing tools such as Scrapebox (The Swiss Army Knife of SEO) are essential and should be part of any online marketer’s tool kit.


I have used Scrapebox for several years now and without a doubt has contributed to my internet success. From CPA offers to lead generation, I have used Scrapebox to laser down my traffic prior to launching any paid campaigns.
If you’re new to internet marketing then I recommend getting on YouTube and watching as many Scrapebox videos as you possibly can in order to master this amazing marketing tool.
From searching for profitable keywords to finding the best traffic sources you can accomplish a lot of internet marketing tasks with Scrapebox. However, it takes time to master so if you’re serious about making money on the internet then I highly recommend purchasing a copy and getting started now.

Scrapebox does not have an affiliate program so I’m not saying this to “scrape” some money from you – I really do believe that among all my pay per call marketing tools, this one takes the cake!

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In my course “Turning PPV Traffic Into Facebook Gold” I’ve included a Bonus video showing how to use Scrapebox to find exact placements for your PPV traffic. Hence, if you’re struggling and just wasting money on PPV traffic then I recommend taking my course.
From the first two posts in this series we determined all the plumber websites (URL’s) in my target region. Now, we need to know which of these websites have organic and paid traffic coming to them. In the following video I show how I use Scrapebox to determine which websites actually have traffic coming to them:

Note: After purchasing Scrapebox you’ll need to purchase proxies to achieve maximum performance.  I recommend using Squid Proxies:

Pay per call marketing tools-Squid Proxies

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  • Jayden says:

    I used to use Scrapebox for SEO purposes. It never occurred to me to use it to my advantage for researching via paid traffic.

    Looking forward to the next video.

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