August 11, 2016

How to use Ringpools with FunnelFlux

Pay Per Call Marketing is essentially promoting a phone number for either a service or product.  When you convince someone to call that number and they remain connected for a designated amount of time you get compensated for that call.  I have been doing Pay Per Call Marketing for several years now and I use a specific system that allows me to generate several hundred calls per week for various offers.  You can read more about my system on the Stack That Money (STM) forum.  The video that accompanies this post will show you exactly how to use Ringpools with Funnel Flux to keep track of what is and isn’t working.  If you are not using Funnel Flux at the moment then no worries because the principles will remain the same across all trackers.

Keeping track of the keywords that produce calls for your Pay Per Call campaigns will be necessary for optimization.  Using Ringpools will allow you to keep track of these keywords that produce conversions.  The easiest way to think of a Ringpool is to imagine a pool of numbers.  Each time a call occurs a random number jumps out of the pool and associates itself to your tracking tokens.  Funnel Flux uses the tracking token {hit-id} which will generate a sequential number every time someone visits your landing page.  This sequential {hit-id} number will associate itself to whatever Ringpool number used at the time.  Watch this short video now and I’ll show you an example afterwards.

Now that you know how to setup Ringpools you can use Funnel Flux to keep track and optimize your traffic. Take a look at this example:

Example – Bing Ad

Ringpool URL –{hit-id}

The s1={hit-id} is mandatory by Funnel Flux and will associate itself with the Ringpool number dialed by your visitor. When you take a look at your Ringpartner stats for example, you’ll see that if a conversion takes place it will display the Ringpool number dialed and the s1 number associated with it. You’ll take this information and update conversions on Funnel Flux.  Once you update conversions you can run a Stats report on Funnel Flux and see exactly which keywords from Bing triggered conversions.

In order for this to work properly you’ll need to setup your Bing Traffic source correctly with Funnel Flux – this is a simple step since Funnel Flux already comes configured with a Bing Traffic Template.

I personally run a lot of PPV traffic to several Pay Per Call campaigns and use Ringpools to keep track of all my conversions.  If you’re running PPV traffic to Pay Per Call campaigns and not having much luck then I recommend joining the Revmax Mastermind and networking with me there so I can help you out.

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