August 11, 2016

How to use Hide My Ass VPN with Funnel Flux

Performance marketers that promote CPA offers outside of their country should be using a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy that allows them to actually see the CPA offer they’re promoting.  Hide My Ass (HMA) is a tool that gives you access to several international VPN’s.  Most CPA offers will contain a geographical redirect that will prevent you from seeing the offer if in fact you do not reside in the target country.  For example, if you live in Canada but want to run a CPA offer in Kenya then you’ll need to use a VPN that will simulate your position in Kenya to view the offer.  HMA consists of a large network of VPN’s that gives you access to several different countries.  Please watch this informative video to see how it’s done:


Along with HMA, I recommend using Opera Mobile Emulator which is a free download that will give you access to several different mobile devices.  You’ll be able to view the CPA offers and their associated landing pages across many different mobile devices.  The screen size of a mobile device can either make or break a performance marketing campaign.  If a device’s screen size is too small your offer may look fragmented and your campaign will suffer.  If your traffic source allows you to exclude certain mobile devices then you’ll be able to prevent running traffic to these devices.  If your traffic source doesn’t allow you to exclude certain mobile devices then you’ll have to do it using your tracker.  I strongly recommend using a “catch all” network like YTZ that will help monetize your traffic that contains certain mobile devices you want to exclude from seeing your CPA offer.  Additionally, I recommend asking your Affiliate Manager which mobile devices are producing conversions for the CPA offer you are promoting and heed his/her advice.  Please watch this informative video showing how I do it using Funnel Flux – my tracking solution:

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