August 11, 2016

How to make money with Clickbank using Funnel Flux

If you’re new to Internet Marketing then Clickbank is a great place to get your feet wet. Clickbank has produced thousands of Internet millionaires and only allows top notch offers in their marketplace.  As a brand new affiliate marketer you can sign up here.  Once you join, you’ll have access to begin promoting offers from their marketplace.  The promotional methods I use daily to promote Clickbank offers is paid traffic.  This method of driving paid traffic to offers is called Performance Marketing and is part of all major online business plans.

I have created a “How To Video” showing you my exact sales funnel of how I send traffic to a landing page to promote a Clickbank offer.  You can see my video here…

As you saw in the video, I use Funnel Flux  to track and optimize all my traffic.  Additionally, I use this amazing tracker to keep track of my expenditures and return on investments (ROI’s).  If you want to get started with performance marketing then I recommend joining the Stack That Money (STM) forum to begin networking with like-minded individuals.  Or if you’re really serious about turning Internet Marketing into a career then join the RevMax Mastermind.  In this mastermind you’ll quickly learn how to avoid all the pitfalls of Internet Marketing and quickly get up to speed on the latest and greatest techniques of Performance Marketing.  The only thing that is keeping you from achieving your Internet Marketing career is taking action.  Take action now and let your journey begin.

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