August 10, 2016

How to Make Money Blogging

Daily blogging is the key to success on the internet. People are curious about the experiences of others and providing valuable content will establish your voice on the internet. Blog at least 2-3 times per week but preferably more. Think of a blog post as promotional ad copy for whatever topic you have chosen to write about.

There is a unity here you are trying to achieve via your blog which consists of the following:

Email Autoresponder

This unity is achieved by having congruency among all six platforms above. Example, every time you add a new blog post you announce it on Facebook, Twitter, and email and create a Podcast of the actual post.

The affiliate links embedded in your blog posts will consists of high ticket items you are promoting like “Join me on the RevMax Mastermind.” ¬†Everytime someone joins the RevMax Mastermind you are paid $60/month for as long as they are a member!

Your blog will take time to create and promote but once it’s up and running and you have folks on there engaging with your ideas, you will start seeing the green. I recommend mapping out a schedule of impending blog posts and a checklist of items that need to be marked off so as to create deadlines for each post. Once you start creating income from your blog you can automate a majority of your blog using a team: – Use a Ghost writer to create your blog posts.
Fiverr – create SEO backlinks for the posts and YouTube videos & Press Releases. Additionally Fiverr is used to promote your podcasts.
Wordpress Plugins – Automatically adds blog posts to your Facebook page and generates Tweets on your Twitter page.
Email Autoresponder – announces your newest posts to your followers.
YouTube videos – I recommend you do these yourself for branding purposes.
Podcasts can easily be created by just reading your own blog post and then use Fiverr to submit them to several podcast channels.
Please take time to watch this informative video:

The following are the links found in this video:

Traffic Traffic Traffic –
Start an Amazon Store –
Host your own blog –
Track your traffic –

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