February 3, 2018

How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store

How to Create a Amazon Affiliate Store

In this first video of How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store, I explain why you should consider becoming an Amazon Affiliate. Amazon is the most profitable marketplace in the world and is a great place to invest your time, money and resources.

You can become an Amazon Affiliate by visiting this link; https://affiliate-program.amazon.com

During the video, I stress the importance of following the money and the traffic. I also show you which Amazon categories pay the highest affiliate commissions. You’ll learn how to locate the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) for products and why you should focus on the products with the lowest BSR and the largest volume of traffic.

I also show you that by using http://watchcount.com you can verify that there is a significant amount of traffic or folks who are interested in buying certain products.

Hint: You have a greater chance of success If you tap into what people are spending their “online time” on!

Amazon Affiliate Store – Part 1

In this second video of How to build an Amazon Affiliate Store, I talk about the first steps you’ll need to take to build your first store. There are several ecommerce platforms that you can use to launch an online store. I personally work with Shopify and Woocommerce but in this training we will only focus on Woocommerce.

The first step is getting a domain name for your store. I recommend getting a domain name that describes what you intend to sell. For a domain name you can visit Godaddy.com or get a Bluehost Woocommerce Hosting account and they will provide one for you. Additionally, you can get hosting at HostGator.com.

The next thing you’ll need is a WordPress Theme that is specifically designed for Woocommerce. I recommend purchasing the Bravostore which is created by the AA-Team and is a well-designed affiliate store.

Here are the links:
Bluehost Woocommerce Hosting

Amazon Affiliate Store – Part 2

In this third video of How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store I show you how I purchased the domain Amazofashion.com and how I use my HostGator account to host that domain.

I also talk about the importance of using a Content Delivery Network to provide optimization and security for your site. There are several Content Delivery networks but I recommend using Cloudflare. They provide a free service and will provide you with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that you’ll need for your online store.

Amazon Affiliate Store – Part 3

In this 4th video of How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store I talk about changing your name servers to your hosting platform. Thus, if you’re using HostGator or Bluehost then you’ll switch your name servers to first point to your host. Once you notice that your name servers are pointing in the right direction you’ll need to switch them to your Content Delivery Network.

In this case, I’m using Cloudflare so I go through some basic settings for using Cloudflare.  As a caveat, this is a free training so I don’t intend on spoon feeding you every bit of information. I strongly suggest that you visit the Cloudflare YouTube page and learn as much as you can about how this works.

Lastly in this video, I talk about what basic settings you’ll need for your fresh WordPress install. One thing I failed to mention in the video about Ping Services is that every time you create a blog post, the services you have listed will be notified. This is great for “spreading the word” and getting your blog post indexed by these sites. Here is my list of favorite ping sites:


Amazon Affiliate Store – Part 4

In this 5th and longest video of How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store I show how I went ahead and purchased and uploaded the Bravostore to my https://www.amazofashion.com domain. I also talk about the W-Zone, Premium SEO and Woo Notification plugins that I use to help run my store.

If you’re new to WordPress then let me know and I can help you with this for a non-negotiable $300 fee. However, I strongly recommend that you get your hands dirty and learn how to do this yourself. Once your site is up and running, you’ll need to start organizing your site and populating it with products.

Hint: I only recommend that you promote products with a low BSR and high traffic.

Here are the links:

Bravostore Theme
W-Zone Plugin
Premium SEO Plugin
Woo Notification Plugin

Amazon Affiliate Store – Part 5

In this 6th video of How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store I talk about getting traffic to your store. The first step is to do keyword research. I recommend using SemRush or the Keyword planner tool from Google. Once you know which keywords to target, you’ll start creating content for your blog.

I strongly recommend using iWriter but you can also use Textbroker or Upwork to create content for your site. The traffic generated from great content is highly converting and once indexed will be a continuous flow of revenue. I highly recommend that the content you create on your blog is always being directed to Amazon. You can do this by direct linking to any product page on Amazon. Here is the list I talk about in the video:

Product Review Articles

Deal Articles

Holiday Specials

Best Seller Posts

Link Building

Guest Posting

Press Releases



YouTube Video Reviews

Social – Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest

Blog/Forum Commenting

EMAIL – Event Focused/Holiday Sales/etc

Paid Advertising


Unless you are a paid traffic master, your online store’s success will be directly proportional to the success of your blog. Hence, I strongly recommend you spend a majority of your time, money and resources creating awesome content. If you want to start learning about traffic then read my post How to do Pay Per Call Marketing – Part 1.

Amazon Affiliate Store – Part 6

February 6, 2017

How to do Pay Per Call Marketing Part 5

google adwords campaign

Google Adwords Campaign Creation

A Google Adwords Campaign takes me several days to put together based on the research and the landing page creation I do ahead of time.  Before you launch a Google Adwords campaign you’ll need to do a lot of research and critical thinking.

Understanding how Google thinks and drives traffic to your ads is of utmost importance.  By the way, this “traffic knowledge” is important for any traffic you are using.  Your money is important to you so you should invest the time to learning everything you can about any traffic source you are using.

3 Golden Rules

google adwords campaign

I personally live by three golden rules in the world of internet marketing:

  1. Know your audience thoroughly – who is your target audience? Where do they live, how do they interact with the internet. Where do they hangout on the internet? Etc.
  1. Know your offer thoroughly – how will your offer benefit your audience? Is your offer a solution to their problems?  Is it priced well and does it have longevity (evergreen).  Are there similar offers on the market? Etc.
  1. Know your traffic source thoroughly – how much volume do they have? How many Geo’s can I target? What are their rules?  Do they allow filtering for device, browser, operating system, screen size, IP ranges, day parting, zip codes, cities, states, blacklists? Etc.

When you understand all three of the above rules you’ll be able to quickly mobilize your forces and launch campaigns at breakneck speeds.  However, learning online marketing takes time and is not for everyone.

Before you launch any campaign, I recommend studying your offer, determining your audience, and vetting your traffic network for the right kind of traffic you’ll need for success.

When you take the time to fully grasp these fundamentals, you’ll be way ahead of the pack and your investment dollar will go a long way. In this video I describe how to start thinking like Google when you choose the keywords you’ll use in your google adwords campaign:

In this next video I show you how to use Thrivethemes and Funnelflux when creating a Pay Per Call google adwords campaign:


  • Content for your landing pages can be purchased at iWriter.
  • Videos for your landing pages can be purchased at Videohive.
  • Images for your landing pages can be purchased at Photodune.
  • Outsource your landing pages at Fiverr.
January 26, 2017

How to do Pay Per Call Marketing Part 4

how to do pay per call marketing


SpyFu is a very powerful marketing tool that I use on a regular basis to determine what my competitors are doing on Adwords.


This tool has been around for about 10 years and their sole purpose in life is to monitor all text ads in just about every niche that run on Google.  I have extensively used this tool and have relied on it to make a lot of money online.

Use Marketing Tools!

I NEVER run traffic (PPV, PPC, CPM) without doing a ton of research and I always use specific tools to accomplish my tasks:

PPV/CPM Placements – Scrapebox and Google Maps Contact Extractor (I show you exactly how I find these placements in my course “How to Turn PPV Traffic into Facebook Gold

PPC – Spyfu Marketing Tool, Keyword Spy & Market Samurai

I want to take this moment in the blog post and say if you are serious about running traffic and making money online then you first have to accept 3 things:

  1.  You must educate yourself about how to run traffic.  If you want to learn Google then start here.  If you want to learn about PPV traffic then take my course or find another course.
  2.  You must treat this like a business – create a budget, set hours, get a website, etc.  In other words – create an asset not a hobby!
  3.  Stop wasting time buying shiny objects that NEVER work and if you do buy a marketing tool make sure you know how to use and implement it in your business right away.

This past year I took on a student to discover what difficulties  he was having online.  He has the right mindset but he was lacking a lot of the procedural steps and tactics to implement his agenda online.  The big sales funnel picture is simple:

Target Audience  —>  Landing Page —> Upsell/Downsell —> Retargeting —> Offer

Track Your Traffic

However, the actual mechanics of tracking your traffic (I use Funnelflux) along the sales funnel and adding options (javascripts – redirects) on the landing page (I use Thrivethemes) and using postbacks for conversion tracking & optimization etc was challenging for my student to digest.

It was truly an enjoyable journey for both of us as I explained the intricate details of the PPV sales funnel. Additionally, I showed him how to locate your exact PPV placements so as not to spend more that you were making.  He is still trying to figure everything out but he definitely views internet marketing with eyes wide open prior to starting to work with me.

I want to make an important point here before you start getting your hands dirty with all this internet marketing stuff – If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated because nothing you do seems to work then there is a very simple solution – Outsource your PPC campaigns!  There are plenty of companies out there just do a Google search.

You must know your limitations… You may be a great web developer or awesome writer but running traffic may not be your forte – keep this in mind as you plow through sleepless nights trying to figure out what your next angle has to be to obtain those elusive conversions.

In the following video I pull back the lid on how to use the Spyfu tools and show you the inside of my account as we examine a plumber’s website being promoted via Adwords:


In this next video I get more in depth with Spyfu showing you how I quickly extract which Text Ads are currently working.  One drawback with Spyfu is that they do not track Call only campaigns but this technique still works.  Please leave a comment and share this post if you get something out of it…:)

January 22, 2017

How to do Pay Per Call Marketing – Part 3

how to do pay per call marketing

Pay Per Call Marketing Tools – Scrapebox

Pay per call marketing tools such as Scrapebox (The Swiss Army Knife of SEO) are essential and should be part of any online marketer’s tool kit.


I have used Scrapebox for several years now and without a doubt has contributed to my internet success. From CPA offers to lead generation, I have used Scrapebox to laser down my traffic prior to launching any paid campaigns.
If you’re new to internet marketing then I recommend getting on YouTube and watching as many Scrapebox videos as you possibly can in order to master this amazing marketing tool.
From searching for profitable keywords to finding the best traffic sources you can accomplish a lot of internet marketing tasks with Scrapebox. However, it takes time to master so if you’re serious about making money on the internet then I highly recommend purchasing a copy and getting started now.

Scrapebox does not have an affiliate program so I’m not saying this to “scrape” some money from you – I really do believe that among all my pay per call marketing tools, this one takes the cake!

Take My Course

In my course “Turning PPV Traffic Into Facebook Gold” I’ve included a Bonus video showing how to use Scrapebox to find exact placements for your PPV traffic. Hence, if you’re struggling and just wasting money on PPV traffic then I recommend taking my course.
From the first two posts in this series we determined all the plumber websites (URL’s) in my target region. Now, we need to know which of these websites have organic and paid traffic coming to them. In the following video I show how I use Scrapebox to determine which websites actually have traffic coming to them:

Note: After purchasing Scrapebox you’ll need to purchase proxies to achieve maximum performance.  I recommend using Squid Proxies:

Pay per call marketing tools-Squid Proxies

January 22, 2017

How to do Pay Per Call Marketing – Part 2

how to do pay per call marketing

Pay Per Call Marketing Tools

Pay per call marketing is complex but can be simplified with the help of great marketing tools.  In this next blog post I’m going to share with you a marketing tool that I use on a regular basis for keyword research called Management-Ware’s Google Maps Contact Extractor.
Now that we know our demographics we next need to do proper keyword research. I will break down this section in multiple videos introducing you to several marketing tools that I use on a daily basis. If you don’t have the budget to assemble a top-notch internet marketing team, you’ll need some great tools to take your marketing to the next level.

Throughout the years these tools have been indispensable to my success online. I value these marketing tools because they have allowed me to leverage my time and my productivity. Over the course of this past year, I decided to take on a student and realized that he had been buying marketing tools but not really using them as intended. If you buy a tool make sure you plan on using it and getting value out of it otherwise you’ll just be throwing your money away.

Know Your Tools

Marketing tools just like any physical tool you may use come in varying degrees of use and objective. Prior to spending your hard-earned money on any tool make sure you know how you plan on using it for your day to day online marketing. My Grandpa use to always say, “Use the right tool for the job!”

With Management-Ware’s Google Maps Contact Extractor. I use it mostly for gathering URLs that I plan researching and extracting valuable keywords from that I will use in my pay per click campaigns.
The first tool I introduce in the following video is Management-Ware’s Google Maps Contact Extractor. With this tool I’m able to use the zip codes we found from our demographic research and find all the plumber websites in those areas. Hopefully this video will help some of you who are just beginning your online marketing career. Please leave a reply if you like this information.

January 22, 2017

How to do Pay Per Call Marketing – Part 1

how to do pay per call marketing

Pay Per Call Marketing is now several years old and has had exponential growth in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.  If you want to learn how to do pay per call marketing you first need to read these 10 quick facts about smartphones – the gateway to Pay Per Call:

1. Nearly two thirds of Americans own smartphones (Pew)
2. 46% of smartphone owners “couldn’t live without” their smartphone (Pew)
3. 36% of smartphone owners would choose their phone over their TV (Google)
4. 87% of millennials say their smartphone never leaves their side (Zogby)
5. 80% of millennials say their smartphone is the first thing they reach for when they wake up (Zogby)
6. 78% of millennials use their smartphones more than two hours every day (Zogby)
7. 51% of cell phone users 55 and older own smartphones (Nielsen)
8. 64% of smartphone owners use their phone to look up health information (Pew)
9. 94% of smartphone owners look for local information (Google)
10. More smartphone owners use their phone for watching videos than playing music (Pew)

These percentages are growing daily so I’ll most likely have to update this post within the year!

94% of smartphone users actively searching for local information – Wow!

As an online marketer I see this as a huge opportunity to try and capture and monetize all that traffic.

Pay Per Call Marketing

Pay Per Call Marketing is still in its infancy so we are at the beginning of a huge wave and if you’re not already doing Pay Per Call Marketing then take a look at these stats:

In this series of blog posts, I’m going to show you how to do pay per call marketing from the beginning. These 5 steps will be covered in as much detail as needed:

1. Choosing a Pay Per Call Network

2. Demographic Research

3. Marketing Tools

4. Keyword Research

5. Google Campaign Creation

Choosing a Pay Per Call Network

Before you choose a network you want to ensure that they have been in business for a while and have a good reputation.  I personally work with several networks and recommend that you only start with one until you get your feet wet.  Here is a list of the ones I recommend:



Commission Junction



In this introductory blog post, I want you to think of demographics as your “targeted audience.” Consequently, these are the people you are trying to convince to take action on your ads and choosing your demographics is the most important first step to consider when starting a campaign.

Knowing and understanding your audience prior to launching any type of paid traffic is essential to being a successful internet marketer.  You can’t just blindly run ads expecting great results!  Too many people make this mistake and end up getting frustrated with online marketing and quitting.

Or in the case of one my students who continues to plow through his mistakes hoping that one day he would make enough of them to find success.  This is not the route you need to take so from this day forward make yourself a promise and follow Smart Advertising practices from the onset of your online marketing career.

Online marketers need great tools to accomplish great things.  It’s easier to dig a hole with a shovel versus with your hands but it’s even easier when you’re using a tractor.  However, your hole digging may need to be precise so prior to digging find the exact tool you will need to accomplish your task.

In order to find the exact demographics of my target audience, I’m going to introduce you to one tool that I use on a daily basis and will help you learn how to do pay per call marketing.  This is not the only tool I use to narrow down my demographics but it is a good starting point if you’re just getting started with online marketing.

In the following video I show how I use http://zipatlas.com to narrow down my targeting to certain zip codes for a Pay Per Call Plumbers offer:


August 11, 2016

How to use Ringpools with FunnelFlux

Pay Per Call Marketing is essentially promoting a phone number for either a service or product.  When you convince someone to call that number and they remain connected for a designated amount of time you get compensated for that call.  I have been doing Pay Per Call Marketing for several years now and I use a specific system that allows me to generate several hundred calls per week for various offers.  You can read more about my system on the Stack That Money (STM) forum.  The video that accompanies this post will show you exactly how to use Ringpools with Funnel Flux to keep track of what is and isn’t working.  If you are not using Funnel Flux at the moment then no worries because the principles will remain the same across all trackers.

Keeping track of the keywords that produce calls for your Pay Per Call campaigns will be necessary for optimization.  Using Ringpools will allow you to keep track of these keywords that produce conversions.  The easiest way to think of a Ringpool is to imagine a pool of numbers.  Each time a call occurs a random number jumps out of the pool and associates itself to your tracking tokens.  Funnel Flux uses the tracking token {hit-id} which will generate a sequential number every time someone visits your landing page.  This sequential {hit-id} number will associate itself to whatever Ringpool number used at the time.  Watch this short video now and I’ll show you an example afterwards.

Now that you know how to setup Ringpools you can use Funnel Flux to keep track and optimize your traffic. Take a look at this example:

Example – Bing Ad

Ringpool URL – http://myringpoolurl.com?s1={hit-id}

The s1={hit-id} is mandatory by Funnel Flux and will associate itself with the Ringpool number dialed by your visitor. When you take a look at your Ringpartner stats for example, you’ll see that if a conversion takes place it will display the Ringpool number dialed and the s1 number associated with it. You’ll take this information and update conversions on Funnel Flux.  Once you update conversions you can run a Stats report on Funnel Flux and see exactly which keywords from Bing triggered conversions.

In order for this to work properly you’ll need to setup your Bing Traffic source correctly with Funnel Flux – this is a simple step since Funnel Flux already comes configured with a Bing Traffic Template.

I personally run a lot of PPV traffic to several Pay Per Call campaigns and use Ringpools to keep track of all my conversions.  If you’re running PPV traffic to Pay Per Call campaigns and not having much luck then I recommend joining the Revmax Mastermind and networking with me there so I can help you out.

August 11, 2016

How to make money with Clickbank using Funnel Flux

If you’re new to Internet Marketing then Clickbank is a great place to get your feet wet. Clickbank has produced thousands of Internet millionaires and only allows top notch offers in their marketplace.  As a brand new affiliate marketer you can sign up here.  Once you join, you’ll have access to begin promoting offers from their marketplace.  The promotional methods I use daily to promote Clickbank offers is paid traffic.  This method of driving paid traffic to offers is called Performance Marketing and is part of all major online business plans.

I have created a “How To Video” showing you my exact sales funnel of how I send traffic to a landing page to promote a Clickbank offer.  You can see my video here…

As you saw in the video, I use Funnel Flux  to track and optimize all my traffic.  Additionally, I use this amazing tracker to keep track of my expenditures and return on investments (ROI’s).  If you want to get started with performance marketing then I recommend joining the Stack That Money (STM) forum to begin networking with like-minded individuals.  Or if you’re really serious about turning Internet Marketing into a career then join the RevMax Mastermind.  In this mastermind you’ll quickly learn how to avoid all the pitfalls of Internet Marketing and quickly get up to speed on the latest and greatest techniques of Performance Marketing.  The only thing that is keeping you from achieving your Internet Marketing career is taking action.  Take action now and let your journey begin.

August 11, 2016

How to use Hide My Ass VPN with Funnel Flux

Performance marketers that promote CPA offers outside of their country should be using a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy that allows them to actually see the CPA offer they’re promoting.  Hide My Ass (HMA) is a tool that gives you access to several international VPN’s.  Most CPA offers will contain a geographical redirect that will prevent you from seeing the offer if in fact you do not reside in the target country.  For example, if you live in Canada but want to run a CPA offer in Kenya then you’ll need to use a VPN that will simulate your position in Kenya to view the offer.  HMA consists of a large network of VPN’s that gives you access to several different countries.  Please watch this informative video to see how it’s done:


Along with HMA, I recommend using Opera Mobile Emulator which is a free download that will give you access to several different mobile devices.  You’ll be able to view the CPA offers and their associated landing pages across many different mobile devices.  The screen size of a mobile device can either make or break a performance marketing campaign.  If a device’s screen size is too small your offer may look fragmented and your campaign will suffer.  If your traffic source allows you to exclude certain mobile devices then you’ll be able to prevent running traffic to these devices.  If your traffic source doesn’t allow you to exclude certain mobile devices then you’ll have to do it using your tracker.  I strongly recommend using a “catch all” network like YTZ that will help monetize your traffic that contains certain mobile devices you want to exclude from seeing your CPA offer.  Additionally, I recommend asking your Affiliate Manager which mobile devices are producing conversions for the CPA offer you are promoting and heed his/her advice.  Please watch this informative video showing how I do it using Funnel Flux – my tracking solution:

August 10, 2016

How to Make Money Blogging

Daily blogging is the key to success on the internet. People are curious about the experiences of others and providing valuable content will establish your voice on the internet. Blog at least 2-3 times per week but preferably more. Think of a blog post as promotional ad copy for whatever topic you have chosen to write about.

There is a unity here you are trying to achieve via your blog which consists of the following:

Email Autoresponder

This unity is achieved by having congruency among all six platforms above. Example, every time you add a new blog post you announce it on Facebook, Twitter, and email and create a Podcast of the actual post.

The affiliate links embedded in your blog posts will consists of high ticket items you are promoting like “Join me on the RevMax Mastermind.”  Everytime someone joins the RevMax Mastermind you are paid $60/month for as long as they are a member!

Your blog will take time to create and promote but once it’s up and running and you have folks on there engaging with your ideas, you will start seeing the green. I recommend mapping out a schedule of impending blog posts and a checklist of items that need to be marked off so as to create deadlines for each post. Once you start creating income from your blog you can automate a majority of your blog using a team:
iWriter.com – Use a Ghost writer to create your blog posts.
Fiverr – create SEO backlinks for the posts and YouTube videos & Press Releases. Additionally Fiverr is used to promote your podcasts.
Wordpress Plugins – Automatically adds blog posts to your Facebook page and generates Tweets on your Twitter page.
Email Autoresponder – announces your newest posts to your followers.
YouTube videos – I recommend you do these yourself for branding purposes.
Podcasts can easily be created by just reading your own blog post and then use Fiverr to submit them to several podcast channels.
Please take time to watch this informative video:

The following are the links found in this video:

Traffic Traffic Traffic – http://www.cloudalien.com/traffic
Start an Amazon Store – http://www.getamazonstore.info
Host your own blog – http://www.getbluehost.info
Track your traffic – http://www.funnelflux.info

Get started blogging by taking action today!