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How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store

In this first video of How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store, I explain why you should consider becoming an Amazon Affiliate. Amazon is the most profitable marketplace in the world and is a great place to invest your time, money and resources. You can become an Amazon Affiliate by visiting this link; https://affiliate-program.amazon.com During the video, I stress the im [...]

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How to do Pay Per Call Marketing Part 5

Google Adwords Campaign Creation A Google Adwords Campaign takes me several days to put together based on the research and the landing page creation I do ahead of time.  Before you launch a Google Adwords campaign you'll need to do a lot of research and critical thinking. Understanding how Google thinks and drives traffic to your ads is of utmost importance.  By the way, [...]

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How to do Pay Per Call Marketing Part 4

SpyFu SpyFu is a very powerful marketing tool that I use on a regular basis to determine what my competitors are doing on Adwords. This tool has been around for about 10 years and their sole purpose in life is to monitor all text ads in just about every niche that run on Google.  I have extensively used this tool and have relied on it to make a lot of money online. Us [...]

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How to do Pay Per Call Marketing – Part 3

Pay Per Call Marketing Tools - Scrapebox Pay per call marketing tools such as Scrapebox (The Swiss Army Knife of SEO) are essential and should be part of any online marketer's tool kit. I have used Scrapebox for several years now and without a doubt has contributed to my internet success. From CPA offers to lead generation, I have used Scrapebox to laser down my traff [...]

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